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Publishing Your Web by FTP

1. What is FTP?
2. What FTP program should I use and where can I get it?
3. What information do I need to publish my web?
4. How do access my account using CuteFTP?
5. How do I publish my web site using CuteFTP?

1. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the method by which files and sent over the Internet.

2. We recommend CuteFTP. If you choose to use another FTP program. You can download the program from

For a free program try Or, for web based ftp, try

3. You need only 3 things to publish your web site with CuteFTP. First, the IP address, which is You will need your username and password, which was emailed to you upon registering for web hosting.

4. Once you download and install CuteFTP, open it. You will be brought to a window called "Site Manager". If you do not see this window, you can open it by going to the File menu, and choose "Site Manager". The following instructions are for Cute FTP version 4.x. Other versions are similar, but have slightly different interfaces.

Choose the bottom left hand that says "New". Under "Site Label", put a name that will let you know what site this is. This name is only for your personal reference.

Under "FTP Host Address" put the IP address, which is for most sites. Some sites received a different IP address which was communicated to you when you signed up.

Under "FTP site Username" and "FTP site Password", put your user name and password which you received in your registration email.

Login type should be normal.

At the bottom, click the "Edit" button. A screen will pop up at which you can choose default remote and local directories. The remote directory should be /web/ - to get here you need to navigate up to the root directory. The local directory should be the folder on your hard drive in which you keep the files for this web site. You can click on the folder icon to the right to browse for the folder. Click "OK" when you are done.

5. To log on to your web, select the name of your web in the left hand window, and press "Connect". Wait for the connection verification message.

6. Once you are logged on to your web, you may publish. On the left hand side are the files on your hard drive, and on the right hand side are the files on the server (your web site). To publish, simply drag files from your hard drive to the server. You can also bring files from the server to the hard drive by dragging.


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