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Email Services

Check your email from anywhere using webmail.

Simply go to yoururl/webmail and follow the instructions.

Our Tech support page has full instructions.

Do you want to appear more professional when you send email?

Your own business email address will make your business appear respectable to your customers. It is much more respectable than any of those "free" services out there. I put "free" in quotes, because those free accounts are costing you business -- you lose money when you lose customers. The customers will go to the next guy, who has that domain name, who appears to be more trustworthy, even if you have the better product.

You do not even need a web site to send email from your domain name. If you don't want a web site, for only US$6.00 a month per account, you could enhance the marketability of your business with email.

Email for more information.


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