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Your Email Account

We recommend you use Microsoft Outlook Express, of if you have MS Office, use Outlook. Netscape Messenger is another good option. Outlook Express comes free with Internet Explorer (preferred browser) and Messenger comes free with Netscape. If you use AOL, we can have your domain name mail forwarded to your AOL account, though it is recommended you use your AOL account on your site.

Setup for Outlook2000 (Other versions and Messenger is somewhat similar)

Step 1: Go to the "Tools" menu, and choose "Accounts". Select "Add" and then "Mail".

Step 2: Enter a name you want others to see when they get your email. This name appears when you send email to other people who read mail in any POP email application. Click "Next".

Step 3: Enter your email address. You can choose any email address you want All email addresses at your domain are sent to your email box, thus you can post many different addresses on your site such as,, etc. Click "Next".

Step 4: The mail server is a POP3 server. The incoming and outgoing mail servers are "". Click Next.

Step 5: Enter the username and password you were given upon registration. If people (who you do not want to read the email) do not have access to your computer, you can keep "Remember Password" checked. If you uncheck this box, Outlook will prompt you for your password every time you check mail. Click "Next".

Step 6: If you dial up to the Internet, and then check your mail, select "Connect using the LAN".  This is the usual option for most people. If you want to dial up each time you check mail, select connect through the phone line.


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